Bracket #1 Complete

Rolling Hills in Ypsilanti marked the end to Bracket #1. Two matches were played and very close matches for both.
First Place Match:
Mike vs. Tyler C
3rd Place Match:
Randy G vs. Tim Burton
In the first place match Mike W turned out the lights a little bit early making the match dormie and the third place match dragged on for a couple of extra holes until Tim B was able to finish the job on hole 18.
The fifth place match is still out will be finished at a later date.
Bracket updates:
Bracket #1 5th Place
Jimmy vs Kyle
Bracket #2
Jimmy J vs Seth B
Tyler C v Rene
Bracket #2 5th Place
Dirk vs Tim
Bracket #3
Tyler B vs Jimmy
Mike B vs Rene
Tim B vs Jason R
Dirk JvG vs Kyle JvG
Randy G vs Monique C
Seth B vs Tyler C


Thank you to those that came out for a round Saturday and the thoughts and well wishes for PJ Jean. It meant a lot to us and thank you for the support.

Tim B launched the finalflight to honor PJ’s wicked forehand shot. We watched that skill develop over time and eventually surpass our best of forehands. PJ’s skill will be deeply missed as it was second to none. He would have been with the club 4+ years now and was lost far too soon. We wish you the best and hope to see you again.

Remembering PJ Jean

IMG_0215 (2)
Family and friends , it is with a heavy heart that we announce to you all that we have lost one of our little brothers this week. PJ Jean is no longer with us. PJ was a young yet very talented member of the crew, talented beyond belief in areas that far surpassed even the top of our ranks.


PJ was well known for his passion of the sport, “pirate” like antics and laser cannon of a forehand. Yes, laser cannon. PJ could make any disc soar with ease with the accuracy of a laser and velocity of a cannon. Our band of brothers have watched him grow over the years and we will feel the sting of his loss for many years to come.


“Right?! PJ has got an amazing forehand shot. I’m a little bit jealous.” -Tim Burton


PJ has traveled many a mile with us and conquered many courses through our disc golf adventures and will continue to as he will be forever in our thoughts. We love you little brother.


Surviving PJ is his father Jim Jean. Jimmy is an longstanding member of our ranks and we should remember him as well in this time. Jimmy always lightens the mood and brings the fun to each of our events, lets help him up in this time of sorrow as he has helped us in our times of need.


In the spring time please make some time for the PJ Jean Memorial Tournament. Black & White intends on helping in the success of this family event held by a collection of Michigan disc golf clubs. More details to come.

Match Updates

The final matches of the BTB#1 are set and are ready to be completed. Hopefully we can film the final round, please schedule that one around a couple of camera people to meet up.

New Matches –
Finals – Mike Wolters vs. Tyler Cole
3rd / 4th Place – Tim Burton vs. Randy Gallagher

Round 1
Tyler Burton vs. Jimmy Jean
Mike Burton vs. PJ Jean
Tim Burton vs. Jason Russell
Dirk JvG vs. Kyle JvG
Randy G vs. Monique Capps
Seth Burton vs. Tyler Cole

Old Matches Looking to be Resolved-
BTB#1 – 5th
PJ vs. Kyle

Kyle vs PJ
Tyler Cole vs Rene

Bracket 3 Standings

This weekend we finished the 3rd bracket pool. The new bracket has been created and is ready for viewing. Navigate down the League drop-down to find it. Also the #1 5th Place bracket is live on the site as well.

Now that we are starting a new bracket pool everyone’s next match will be $5.

Player Points
Mike Wolters 6810
Tim Burton 4810
Randy Gallagher 3681
?? 2367
Mike Burton 2083
Seth Burton 2067
Dirk Jansen 2022
Tyler Burton 1553
Jim Jean 1001
Kyle Jansen 966
Tyler Cole 667
Pj Jean 200
Renee 144
Monique Capps 77
Jason Russell 71