Season 5 Schedule Suggestions

At the end of this month I will be setting up the schedule for the upcoming season and haven’t heard much in terms of what courses everyone wanted to play. I remember some banter at the campfire but would like some official responses that I can put together so that I can work from them after the MiMPA board meeting this month.

Also please be sure to include any dates that you know that you don’t want our events to fall on so that I can make an accurate schedule.

One other issue to address is where would we like to go for the next seasons destination? Now that Indiana has been completed I will start putting together where we will head to next once we have the place picked out.

Please email all of your information and choices to so I can begin working. The deadline for input will be Wednesday June 25. DO NOT TEXT THE INFO, IT’S HARD TO KEEP TRACK OF AND PIECE TOGETHER WITH OTHER EMAILS.

2014 – 2015 Meeting Notes / Changes

At the Frankenmuth meeting we had our annual meeting to talk about the upcoming season and there are several changes that are taking place that came of a majority vote within the group.
The 2014 – 2015 season will start in September rather than August this year and will have the standard $25 buy-in due before the end of the calendar year. Something new for the next season will be that we will be playing doubles for both rounds of the day rather than one doubles round and one singles round.
In the doubles format Cali Players will be determined differently than they have been in the past. Rather than being picked Cali multiple times consecutively, once a player is designated as Cali for a round they will be exempt for the next two random team draws. Team draws will also exclude the same partners for both rounds in the same day.
Scoring will also be changed for the events based on everyone’s schedule. Two winter months (January, February) will not be scored, there will be events still but they won’t count against our league scores. In addition to excluding the winter months two lowest scores will be removed from the point total of the year.
Please email in your course picks for the upcoming season as well as your dates that you know need to be excluded so the schedule can be put together appropriately and if there are any dates that need to be changed during the season we can most likely accommodate as long as we know 30 days prior.

Annual Weekend Golf Trip

The details for the annual weekend trip has started to trickle in and we would like to announce that this year we will be traveling to Lemon Lake, Indiana to try out the World Championship courses in place. The golfing will start on 5/31/14 and conclude on 6/2/14. Throughout the weekend there will be many rounds of golf as usual but this year only three will be scored officially under MiMPA sanctioning. Anyone is welcome to come and play to accumulate MiMPA points for this weekend.

Scored rounds are:

Saturday 5/31/14 @4PM
Sunday 6/1/14 @ 10:00 AM
Sunday 6/1/14 @ 2:30PM

All other rounds will be for fun, bragging rights and will be optional. For this weekend Kyle will be booking a campground for all to stay at if you choose to camp with us. Please make sure to contact him to confirm that you are going and you need a spot on our lots, he will also be collecting the money to pay for the lots before leaving for camp, his email is

MDGO Berths Are In


Thanks to Jimmy J for coordinating and picking up the MDGO State Finals berths. We have a total of 5 and will be giving them away as follows:

1 – Match Play Points Winner at Chippewa Banks in April
3 – First Place Winners in each of our leagues (Doubles, Singles, BagTag)
1 – Cumulative Match Play Points Winner in our annual weekend trip

Saugatuck Format

For all of you that will be joining us and the MiMPA in February for the match at Saugatuck there will be a change in format for the day due to the very large amount of snow that has accumulated on this side of the state. In most cases we would play our standard two round day with a doubles round and a singles round but with the current circumstances we will get together and play a double points round of doubles golf followed by lunch. Not only will this help keep discs from getting lost but will also give golfers a little extra time to make it back home if you’re coming from a distance. We hope to see you out there for another wintry round. Also keep in mind a MiMPA berth will be given away next month in March at Hudson Mills.

MiMPA Championship Weekend

In anticipation for this year’s MiMPA Championship and sending a few of our players we have added the date to our calendar for the event and are starting to look for accommodations for the weekend. The championships will be held in Mt. Pleasant, MI at Deerfield and meetings will be held at the Soaring Eagle Resort. BWI will be there regardless because of the meetings on the next seasons business so there will be one room rented. Is there anyone else that wants to share a room and car pool to cut down costs for the weekend? The room will be booked in the Mt Pleasant area in the next week or so based on the club needs. Please email or hit the forum if you plan on going.

Schedule Voting About to Close

The course selection voting in the forum will be closing in a couple of days. If you have any sort of preference please hop on in there and make your opinion heard. After the 1st I will start setting the dates in conjunction with the MiMPA calendar.

One question that still needs to be answered lies with the Seymour option. Dirk, can you run the score cards if I am unable to make this date for some reason?

MiMPA Berth Up for Grabs

Attention all disc golfers there will be a MiMPA championship berth being given away at the March Black & White event at Hudson Mills on March 23. Upon winning this berth you will be invited to the MiMPA Championships that are being held in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

The player must be a registered member of one of the listed clubs on the MiMPA clubs page (winning player will be verified before receiving the award). If the player isn’t a registered member they may pay the Black & White fee of $25 to become eligible.

How to win:
The player with the most match play points at the end of two rounds (doubles & singles) wins. Ties will be settled by the  most of birdies in the singles round.

If there any questions please feel free to email Black & White at or visit our website