aSync – Rules

aSync Season / Tournaments
Ongoing! We play all year – Rain/Snow/Heat/Recently Subsided Tornado Warning

Tournaments will be scheduled throughout the year for anyone to join. There will be a sanctioned (handicapped division & a heads up division).

Throughout the year all players will have the opportunity to build a handicap against the other players based on their scores from selected courses. Use the Course Planner to see what courses you and others need to play!

All courses are play at will but 1 bwMembers (unless authorized by RG to score) needs to be at the course to verify the card. Each card must be uploaded to Tapatalk to the Scoring Board.

You Said Handicap?
Yes, and in order to calculate better handicaps than most we have a nice points system in place to help us learn the best and most fair handicap for you as well as the rest of the players. What we do is have everyone play from a list of the same courses. That way we have a good point of reference to calculate a number. We also take into account the hole length, that way we have multiple versions of a handicap based on distance.

After getting all of those numbers together we average and look at the outliers to put together a solid number.

Pro / Am? – We split up the ams from the pros by having a points line in place. If a player is under 100 points B&W considers them an amateur player, only because we don’t have enough data to consider your handicap to be as accurate or fine tuned.

Points structure
Played 18 holes – 10
Ace – 3
Birdie – 2
Par 1


Score Card Submission
See picture for example
Each player should use TWO lines for scoring. Top for Strokes / Bottom for Points
Par – Record as – (dash)

Paper Card are cool but we’d prefer it in uDisc format, they make a nice score card.

Scores are only valid for ONE YEAR and will stand on your account for 9 months BEFORE they may be replaced (and a tourney must be played before a player is eligible to start replaying courses.)

2017 in Tournaments

2017#1 – Ionia State Rec Area – April 2
(State Finals Berths Available x2 – Sanctioned/Unsanctioned)
Registration coming soon

2017 #2



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