In addition to the Doubles leagues there will also be a BagTag league available. BagTag rules are as follows:

  1. Each BagTag is a scoring piece. The tag that you get from a match will earn you points towards the tournament seeds. (See scoring formulas below.)
  2. Each challenge costs $1 for the challenger of the match, unless the challenger is 3 or more ranks below the defending tag in which case the match costs $2 for the challenger. (This rule is enacted to keep last from going to first without making the pot a little larger.) If there is more than two golfers in the group there is not an extra dollar charge for tags 3 ranks lower(If there are more than 2 players in the match each challenger pays $1).
  3. Challenges may not be ignored. Formal challenges can be made on the forum and must be replied to within a week setting up the match otherwise the challenged tag will be forfeit.
  4. Match rules are up to the participants, i.e. handicaps, formats etc.
  5. All matches are to be reported via the forum to be accounted for so that the BagTag calculator can be adjusted and all records can be kept. Matches not recorded via the forum will not be seen as valid matches and tag changes will be ignored.

The Act of Dr Kyle 2013

If a BagTag is not attached to a bag or present during a BagTag challenge a $5 snction will be placed on the member missing the tag. The normal challenge fees will still apply and will be placed on top of the sanction for the scheduled round. In the event the $5 isn’t paid the player’s current tag (the missing tag) will be voided and a new one will need to be purchased to resume play in the league.


BagTags no longer determine the end of the season payouts, they are now merely scoring pieces and event seeds.

When doubles is played the BagTags will designate partners, Top seed / Low Seed. There is a match creator online on the “Upcoming Match” page.

Matches are scored based on the tag that a player has at the end of the game. The tag number will always be the denominator in the league score formula.

Score = Win-Loss\Tag Number

Moving Up/Wins/Defense = 2
Loss/Moving Down = 1

In most cases the number will be a decimal.

Skin in the Game

  1. Tags cost $8
  2. The first challenge in new season $5
  3. When the pot reaches $100 a tournament will be seeded and a new points seasons begins. All tournaments will be played at the annual camping trip. Top 5 cash.

Tournament Rules

  1. Each match is 9 holes
  2. Standard Handicapping is used.
  3. Matches can finish once dormie
  4. Courses will be decided upon when planning for the camping trip.

Scoring Chart

 Tag Win Loss
1 2000
2 1000 500
3 667 333
4 500 250
5 400 200
6 333 167
7 286 143
8 250 125
9 222 111
10 200 100
11 182 91
12 167 83
13 154 77
14 143 71
15 133 67
16 125 63
17 59

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