IMG_0219 (2) Randy Gallagher
One of the founders of the group, throws right-backhand with a love of anhyzer. RG is the webmaster of the site and the organizer of the club making sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone has an enjoyable time. 
IMG_0148 (2)  Tim Burton
Hey all! I’m a co-founding member of the club. Discing has been a part of my life for the better half of a decade now. I’m a backhand/forehand/overhand righty! What I love about the sport is the no pressure casual competitiveness mixed with great friends. We have a great core of discer’s here at BW (young & old), where its all about fun and helping everyone progress with the sport. See y’all out on the course!!
IMG_3188  Kyle Jansen / Dr. Kyle Council Member 25
 IMG_0204 (2)  Jimmy J
Council Member
MDGO Representative
One of the “Old Guys” of the club.I learned to play a long time ago and then had kids and didn’t play. I started playing again in the Spring of 2011 and got my son PJ playing too. I like traveling to different places to play and always like to meet new people and make connections in the disc golfing community. Disc golf is a fun sport that keeps me off the couch and I truely enjoy bangin’ chains.The most important thing to remember is:Have fun!
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 IMG_0215 (2) PJ Jean
Eric Partee
Nolan Partee
IMG_0224 (2) Tyler Burton
Account Link Tyler Cole
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Seth Burton
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