Bracket Updates

The brackets have been moving a little since we last met and it’s time to post a new board of the current matches.

New Matches to the list:

Bracket 2 –
Jimmy Jean vs Tyler Burton

Matches 2nd Time on the List:

Bracket 1 –
Tyler Cole vs PJ Jean (Scheduled)

Bracket 2 –
Kyle Jansen vs PJ Jean (Scheduled)
Tyler Cole vs Rene (Rene has Reached out)

Since the last time we were together we have changed the time limit to a very loose system. Rather than running each match a month they can be completed at leisure. Once a match has been open for 3 months it will be considered for forfeiture. If you have any questions please drop them in the forum for a discussion.

Matches on the clock

After the annual camping weekend all brackets have been made active. Any matches that are current right now must adhere to the timer that is at the bottom of the page. The following matches are tied to the countdown:

bracket 1 –

Match F Tyler cole & Pj Jean


bracket 2 –

Jimmy J & Jason Russel

Monique Capps & Seth Burton

Mike Burton & Randy Sr

Mike Wolters & Randy G

Kyle Jansen & Pj Jean

Tyler Cole & Rene

If you are on this least make sure to get with your oppon.nt and play your 9-hole match. Fir scheduling please use the format for all communications , if a match doesn’t happen the forum will help us decide whom is advancing . 5th place brackets can be completed at anytime. Good luck to everyone and be sure to report your matches as “Tournament” matches online


Doubles League Results

The final doubles points have been compiled after removing the two lowest totals. Nice job on the last doubles series. The top five have had credit put to their accounts.

Rank Player Points
1 Mike Wolters 272
2 Kyle Jansen 256
3 Randy Gallagher 256
4 Tim Burton 254
5 Dirk Jansen 249
6 Jim Jean 245
7 Tyler Burton 216
8 PJ Jean 214
9 Randy Gallagher Sr 211
10 Tyler Cole 77
11 Jason Russel 34


Bracket 2 Standings

The second bracket has been capped and the counter has been reset. A little later the newest bracket will be posted under the league drop down. Please review it. Both brackets will be played over the annual golf weekend. If you will be unable to make it for the trip please try to play your matches prior to August 7, it's not mandatory that you do but it would help complete the bracket that weekend. 

Tyler Burton 4.901
Randy Gallagher 3.332
Mike burton 3.24
Monique Capps 2.617
Kyle Jansen 2.09
Tyler Cole 1.986
Tim Burton 1.762
Jason Russell 1.569
Jimmy J 1.375
Mike Wolters 0.908
Renee 0.483
PJ 0.366
Seth Burton 0.293
RGsr 0.222
Dirk Jansen 0.125


Merch Order

One week warning! We are going to be placing the order for merchandise in one week. We will be ordering polos and hats. If you are looking to get either of these please head over to the forums and give your quantities and sizes. 

The he polos will be a dri-fit material, I don't have a quote on those because it fluctuates so much based on how many are ordered. 

Hats will be around $30 and will be the flat-bill MLB style. 

Colors have yet to be determined on both.