You Guys are the Best

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that pitched in to help The Tim Burton fund. With our efforts and the help of a few others we all raised over $2000 for out co-founder. I'm proud to be a BagTag carrying member of Black & White knowing what kind of family we have here. Thanks again


First Bracket Formed

The first BagTag pool has been capped and the first brackets have been created. From this point we will start a new pool and the next match will be $5 for everyone. As you all remember we will save the brackets for our annual trip and that will dictate what matches will be played for the weekend of leisurely disc golf. 
Below are the ranks of how everyone finished in the first pool. 
Mike Wolters
Kyle Jansen
Tyler Cole
Randy Gallagher
Jim Jean
Pj Jean
Tim Burton
Dirk Jansen
Tyler Burton
Randy Gallagher SR

Plenty of New Film

Welcome to the new site! With the new site there is also plenty of new content as well.

Head on over to the film room to see three new additions to the screening area.

Idlewild / Lincoln ridge
Fallasburg / Vicksburg
Burst mode drives

We need to get a bunch more footage before more can be made. Next up will be the footage from the trip out west.

Welcome to the New Look

Welcome to the new look of our home. For the most case not much has changed in terms of structure. Everything should be in the same place. Since our previous look has aged about 5 years it seemed like a good time to change things.

One new feature that has been added to the site is a new forum that can be read on your phone through an app “Tapatalk”. I think that this would be better than mass texts that we have used up to now. Each person can pick their notification settings if they choose to use the app.

Nose around and if there is something that we want to add that would be cool please email me and I will look into getting it added to the site.

One more enhancement is on it’s way.

Video Updates

The Lemon Lake video has been put together and posted on the site for everyone to see. Navigate over to the film room to see all of the shots that made the cut. Throughout all of the film everyone had a few good shots but Randy Sr’s form and Tim’s left hand invention were the two focal points of the entire video. 

Coming out after this post will be the footage from Idlewild / Lincoln Ridge / Vicksburg / Fallasburg. We have all of the clips picked and are starting to put it together. 

Also if anyone would like to please email us your favorite filmed moments in our published videos. When emailing please include the video in which you saw the clip and the time (minutes : seconds) where it is in the film. 

BagTag Weekend?

In lieu of the changes that are taking place in the BagTag rules another thought had come to mind that is something to consider.

Rather than playing for the BagTag purses throughout the year why not collect all of the purses and turn the annual weekend into just a casual weekend of singles tourney play? Take all of the brackets and set them out and go throughout the weekend playing as many matches as the players want to fill out as many brackets as possible. What ever doesn’t get finished up can be finished in a leisurely time throughout the season as well as the remaining brackets.
Not only will this make the weekend more exciting in terms of gameplay but also add a more relaxing side. Rather than just playing a ton of golf we would focus more on the camping side of things with golf sprinkled in the middle as players want to go out to the courses and complete matches.
Is this something we do?
Also we need to consider where we would like to end up for the next trip. August would be the good month that we should look for. Please send your suggestions along so that we can look into scheduling the next trip.
The next event will be at Fitzgerald Park near the Lansing area December 14th.